This silly season we’ve got you covered with a package of two Vibrant Women Bushflower Essences to help you keep you centre. CALM ESSENCE– Leading up to Christmas when you are trying to tie up loose ends, plan for family events or pack for your holiday taking this essence will help to keep the crazy away.

Calm Essence

To help with the release of the feeling of stress and overcommitment. Bring more peace and playfulness to your life.  Give yourself the gift of letting go and learn to unwind and relax. 

Affirmation: I am calm, I am relaxed, I am at peace.

Bushflowers – Little Flannel Flower, Black Eyed Susan and Jacaranda 

Then on New Year’s Eve we suggest you start taking our INTUITION ESSENCE to help guide you towards your hopes, dream and visions for 2016.

Intuition Essence

For people who have lost faith in their ability to trust their intuition or for those who want to increase their intuitive abilities. This essence helps you to believe in yourself, your feeling and decisions and connect you to a higher power.

Affirmation: I trust my intuition, I am guided by a divine essence.

Bushflowers: Bush Fuchsia, Red Lily, Paw Paw

This is the perfect gift for yourself but also other for people you care about who you know may get a little stressed at this time of year. Super price of $30 for both and includes postage within Australia. Orders to be received by the 12th of December to ensure you have enough time to receive your essences. 

Purchase yours on the link below