When interacting on this site, in our private facebook group and when attending further training the following code of conduct will apply. 

Retreat Facilitators will

  • Respect confidentiality and sacredness of the group always.

  • Maintain a professional and respectful manner i.e. model appropriate behaviour.

  • Contribute to the group in meaningful and thoughtful ways. We are a positive group of proactive women who support one another, and we won’t tolerate anything that contradicts this.

  • Make space for others to contribute to the group and understand people have different opinions, it is this diversity that makes us such a complimentary and stimulating group.

  • Hold space for each other, support one another but do not take advantage of each other’s support, this is a mutual arrangement.

  • This is a learning environment allow people to grow at their own pace, try to focus on your learning experience and not other peoples.

  • Do not use someone else ideas without their permission.

  • Don’t agree to anything you think you cannot or would not like to do (honour yourself).

  • Try not to give unsolicited advice, (unless asked) it’s tempting I know!

  • Keep agreements you make with yourself and others.

  • Speak about other participants and Vibrant Facilitator Training in a positive and respectful way (or perhaps not at all) If we hear otherwise, we will be sad to not have you as part of our group anymore.

  • Please do not plagiarise the Vibrant Women or Vibrant Facilitators website. This refers to copying content directly from our website for your own purposes. This also goes for running retreats or tours that are the same as ours. Same location fine, same content or name of retreat or using photos from our website, not fine. This is our intellectual property. This includes mimicking our branding, flyers, web design, Instagram and Facebook promotions. This can cause marketplace confusion and we don’t want our brand to be confused with anyone else. Please be unique and play to your own strengths and passions.

  • Love your experience, enjoy it, embrace it, go forth and change the world!