Have you been dreaming about sharing your knowledge and passion with others? But perhaps you are unsure about how to structure your material into a class or workshop?? Then this one day “How to Create a Workshop Workshop” is for you.

So many people are selling marketing – All I see is how to increase instagram followers, build your newsletter, how to write a successful blog, create a facebook group and do Instagram live, OMG its killings me!


This workshop is for you if you want:

  • a formula and structure for creating an offering that will share with people your knowledge and provide them with learning outcomes, skills or a new perspective.

  • to feel confident that what you are offering is of value. This comes from doing the work in terms of being organised, having done your planning and having the right format for your workshop.

“The best part of the training was the experiential activities, the personal reflection and the humour of the day”

Workshop Testimonial - Dianne

“I learnt so much thankyou, was excellent. I wish we had more time to focus on ourselves and where we want to be and how to get there. I’d also like to say this should be essential training on an annual basis.”

Workshop Testimonial - Rhonda


Just a few of the things we can help with:

• A process for organising information.

• Confirmation that you are on the right path.

• Confidence to put your workshop out into the world.

• Practical considerations such as pricing and venue set up.

Knowledge that can be shared is collected in a variety of ways:

Accumulated over time through various methods

Educational Qualifications

A hobby turned into a passion

Something learnt from another practitioner or teacher

Books & Online courses

Attending a workshop yourself

Skills you have taught yourself

Downloads from spirits or guides

And many other ways too …….

“Another lovely workshop yesterday.  Such a nice way to spend a Sunday …exploring & discovering ♥”

Workshop Testimonial - Chez

“Love Tammie Day’s work.  I have been attending her programs regularly. Would love to go on one of her retreats. Will have to wait awhile ……” 

Workshop Testimonial - Katrina

Over the course of the day we will cover the following:

  • Opening and Closing your workshop

    • making people feel comfortable and connected

    • Setting the tone for the workshop

    • Creating bookends of learning and meaning for your workshop

  • Identifying Your Audience

  • Creating your overall Learning Outcome for your Program

    • Clarify your learning objectives which are subheadings for your Learning Outcome

    • Learn a formula for writing your your outcomes and objectives

    • Design outcomes and takeaways for your participants that has them coming back for more

  • Understand different learning styles and multiple intelligences and how to incorporate these into your teachings

  • How to use experiential activities in your workshop to best effect

  • Practical considerations such as venue, food, room set up, numbers, etc

How to Create a Workshop Registration Form

  • Please check your expectations against the program outline. We have provided an outline of the workshop so you know exactly what to expect. If you are hoping for something that is not included in the outline please discuss this with us so we can alleviate any disappointment.
    Full payment is due at the time of booking, up until 1 week before the workshop any cancellation will result in 50% of your payment being retained – $125 and $125 to be returned to you. For less than 1 weeks notcie or for no shows the enitre $250 will be retained.

What to Bring:

  • On open heart

  • Notes or information on what your course will be about. *Note you will not have time on the day to write the content for the course, however you may need some notes to refer to to create your learning outcomes and objectives. 

  • Lunch 

*Morning and Afternoon tea will be provided, please note we cannot accommodate complex dietary reuqiremnts, if you have speicality dietary needs please bring snacks to meet these needs. 

Where is the workshop being held:

Samsara Healing Centre: 

53 Martens Avenue, Raymond Terrace

Please follow Martens Avenue to the end of the road, you will see a concrete causeway drive, you will see a bicycle path. On the left you will see the mailbox for number 53. Drive over the small brindge and directly to your left is a large gate that says “Malone” drive through the gate and to the large cream/yellow house number 53. Please park out the front and someone will be waiting to direct you to the healing centre located at the back of this residential house. 

Contact Monique if you have any problems locating the house on 0413213887.

Monique from Samsara Healing has kindly allowed us to use her lovely healing space in Raymond Terrace for our workshop. Monique lives on a large bushy block and has a delightful pool house we can use for our workshop. Lunch outside will be divine and a nice walk in nature too. Lots of space for some gentle stretching and maybe we can even fit a quick meditation session too, amongst all our course work! Its going to be a great day, thanks Monique! xx


Payment and Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due at the time of booking, up until 1 week before the workshop any cancellation will result in 50% of your payment being retained – $125 and $125 to be returned to you. For less than 1 weeks notcie or for no shows the enitre $250 will be retained. 

Make your payment via PayPal HERE

Or pay directly to our bank account Vibrant Women NAB – BSB: 082-810 Acc: 876225650. Please write yoru name in the reference section.

*Please note your spot is not secure until you have paid for the workshop

For more information email training@vibrantwomen.com.au or phone Tammie on 0459 247 122. 

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